Sailing, Diving and Fishing in the Amirantes.

Your journey around the Amirantes, with Nesi catamaran.


Discovered in 1502 by Vasco da Gama during his second voyage. The Amirante are then baptized Ilhas do Almirante which in French means “Admiral Islands”. The archipelago was discovered by Arab or Indian traders but there is no trace left.


Located some 200 km south west of the main island of Mahé, 24 coral islands Amirantes strung on approximately 1000 km2, they are also closer to the African and Malagasy coasts of Victoria. They were baptized or Outer Islands or Outlying islands. There are one of the last natural paradises still preserved on our planet. Vast shoals give water an exquisite pale blue color that form with greenery superb color palette. Exeptional marine fauna and flora are accessible by snorkelling and scubadiving, landscapes and beaches with a sparkling beauty and enchanting lagoons far from any human presence. A must to discover aboard a large catamaran dream with all the amenities needed to make the most of your cruise: snorkelling (fins, mask and snorkel) or scubadiving, sea kayak.


Day 1: Mahé / Bay Ternay Marine Park

Boarding at noon at the Eden Island marina. Your first lunch on board during a two-hour navigation along the north and west coast of Mahé and bearing of Bay Ternay Marine Park. Located on the northwest coast of Mahé, in the heart of natural park is home to incredible marine life in a site of great beauty. With its turquoise waters, the Bay Ternay Marine Park is the ideal site for snorkeling. Night sail to Desroches.


Day 2 & 3: Desroches

Desroches the main island of the Amirante group, some 240 km south-west of Mahé, this coral island stands majestically in a submerged atoll of the same name. Closest to Mahé (about 35 minutes flight) long by 6.2 km, Desroches Island is home to the most beautiful coconut groves of Seychelles, which covers no less than 400 ha. Of veloutiers, takamaka, hedges of casuarinas and a nice variety of creeping vines grow among the palm trees. 15 km of sandy beach, most of the time deserts bordering the shore. Desroches rises to 3000 meters above the turquoise and crystal clear water teeming with colorful fish, the fishing is very productive. Many spots for snorkeling reserve an exceptional show in the heart of a natural aquarium with beautiful coral reefs sheltering myriads of colorful fish.

For lovers of diving underwater Desroches is considered by specialists as a diver’s paradise in the Indian Ocean. Water sports: Paddle and sea kayak.

Day 4 & 5: South Island & Poivre Island

During the 4 hour navigation linking Desroches to Poivre Island, trolling in waters among the fish in the world: tuna, trevally, King Fish, swordfish, yachts … 200 km southwest of Mahé, this atoll is the largest of the Amirante consists of three islands: Grey South Island, connected at low tide by a causeway paved housing a small village outside of time where a few dozen workers still continuing exploitation of copra, and Florentin. The atoll is a well-knowed site for fishing and a paradise for snorkeling or diving. Take time to stroll along the paths through coconut plantations to discover unspoilt nature, surrounded by lush coral and white sand. Sea turtles back to the beach to lay their eggs during the period of December to February. Water sports: Paddle a sea kayak.

Day 6 & 7: Arros and Saint Joseph  

At 254 km south of Mahé is this oval-shaped island with the name of Baron D’Arros, who was in command of the navy of France from 1770 to 1772. D’Arros does not exceed 2 km long and 1 km wide is separated from the very singular St. Joseph Atoll by a narrow and deep channel. St Joseph atoll consists of a large coral ring with a main island extending over 2500 m to the east side four islands and 13 islets scattered desert less than 1 km2. D’Arros and Saint Joseph were destined to the cultivation of coconut, until 1950 and some buildings in colonial ruins testify. Exploration by motorized dinghy with a beautiful lagoon with tall white sandy funds which take off stunning stripes. Step snorkeling or diving not to be missed, the funds are very famous. A trip to the heart of the mangrove, a wild site of surprising beauty nesting bird colonies and a stingray nursery in the lagoon. Water sports: Paddle and sea kayak.


Day 8 & 9: African Bank

The Bench African island is composed of a large beach of white sand, fine as talc, which awaits you after a nice navigation 6:00 northward Amirantes. Maybe you’ll be lucky to see bank of dolphins. Little vegetation, only a few coconut trees grouped emerge from this world of sand and salt water, inhabited by thousands of birds at the time of nesting. No human presence, nature is beautiful and immaculate, a contemplation of landscape. A rich and wild aquatic life with beautiful seabed makes it an exceptional place for divers and fishermen. Night sail to the island Ste Anne Marine Park in Mahé.


Day 10: Sainte Anne Marine Park  

To finish our cruise, a nice relaxing day and discovery in the Marine Park of St. Anne for our last day cruise. Snorkeling, visit the neighboring islands of the park: Cerf, Average, Ronde. Water sports: paddle, sea kayak.


Day 11: Mahe  

Landing after a final friendly breakfast with our crew in the early morning at the Eden Island marina.

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